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Brugmansia × candida Pers. - syn.Datura candida (Pers.) Saff. - Solanaceae
angel's-trumpet, Weiße Engelstrompete

Shrub, up to 3m high, cultivated as ornamental, native to western South America (Ecuador, Peru); B. aurea × B. versicolor

„The volatile compounds emitted from flowers of Brugmansia × candida Pers. were characterized to investigate reports that the floral scent may have intoxicating effects. The dominant components were trans-ocimene (38–52%) and 1,8-cineole (5–19%), while the minor components consisted of various other terpenoids, benzenoids and indole. The floral scent was typical of many white flowers. The volatile compounds emitted from the leaves were also examined and were found to be mainly terpenoids. Perillene (14–25%) was the major component and its analogous furanoid sesquiterpenoid, dendrolasin, was also present. Volatile tropane alkaloids could not be detected in either the floral or foliar odours, and none of the compounds emitted by the flowers are likely to cause intoxicating effects at low exposures.“
[Volatile compounds emitted from flowers and leaves of Brugmansia × candida (Solanaceae). Kite, G. C., Leon, C., Phytochemistry, 40(4), 1995, 1093-1095]

Brugmansia candida flowers CC BY-SA 3.0, Author Arria Belli Wikimedia Commons

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