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 +Actinidiaceae - syn. Trochostigma polygama Sieb. and Zucc., silver vine
 +Perennial climber, native to Japan, Korea, Manchuria, Central and West China; pith of branches white, solid; leaves long-petioled, broadly ovate to ovate-oblong, to 6 in. long, rounded or subcordate at base, obtuse or abruptly acuminate, serrate, often variegated with white or pale yellow, the young leaves of the staminate plant often silvery-white; flowers white 0.75 in. across, solitary, fragrant; anthers yellow; ovary bottle-shaped;  fruit a many-seeded berry, ovoid, yellow, about 0.75-1 in. long.
 +"Silver vine has long been known to elicit euphoric response in cats. It is the most popular cat treat in Asia..."
 +Actinidia polygama, young leaves and twigs are applied as cardiotonic, diuretic and as a general tonic. [CRC] \\
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